Friday, 27 April 2012

2300 down! 2400 next!

Earlier today I hit the 2300 total level target by getting 96 thieving, in which I'm going for 99 over the next few days.

Over the past couple of weeks I've finally managed to get 91 fishing and complete the Fremennik elite tasks, and have a mere 3 tasks left for completionist- two for temple trekking and one requiring 91 farming (Boostable)

I've also been Dungeoneering with a good RL friend, running floors 1-35 with him (25-35 Larges, which are pretty fun when skyping a friend and are also great for fishing exp)
We also managed our first ever sub 1-minute floor on our 1-24 small C1 rush, with a 58 second abandoned floor! The dungeoneering toolkit update is one of the best to come out recently.

The Fremennik Saga's were very interesting and amusing, though only took an hour to complete- which is somewhat disappointing seeing as we've waited a fortnight for this weeks content update!

And the 'Squeal spins for quests' update was just ridiculous in my opinion, yet another thing to entice newbies and F2P players to the P2P game, whilst shafting the hard work of their loyal players who spent hundreds of hours questing away for their quest capes, only to be denied around 300 free spins (=£100 or whatever Jagex are charging or spins!).

Anyway, thats about all i have to say for now, will be going for taskmaster very soon then probably mix up Dungeoneering and some quick and easy 90-99 skills.

2 Days worth of assisting to 99 herb :D

Saturday, 14 April 2012

Approaching 2300 total!

Just thought I'd post a quickie, i'm fast approaching one of the big milestones- 2300 total level, I'm currently 2292 and still have a bunch of fishing and farming levels until i get my Taskmaster.

Watch this space!

Thursday, 12 April 2012

Taskmaster progress

Hey all, I've been very busy the past few weeks going for my Taskmaster goal, and after a week of *cries* ZMI runecrafting I am finally almost level 86, enough to boost for Karamja elite completion!

I'm currently on 525/533 tasks, my level goals for completion are 86 RC (karamja), 87 Farming (Morytania) and 91 Fishing (Fremenik/Morytania):
I've also got a handful of the morytania elite tasks left, thankfully my Temple Trekking companions are level 99, 99, 99, 55, 53, 21 so that shouldn't take more than a couple of days once i get round to it :)
I've also got to get around to  doing a couple of the less demanding Mory elite tasks such as a barrows run and the 'Set it on fiyr' tasks, luckily the vyre corpse task didn't take long at all thanks to the easy banking in Darkmeyer.

That's all for now folks, more coming soon!